Sunday, 14 December 2014


i have been tired and uninspired, in the need of some air. so i went home, and after two days, i found it. the spark that went missing, a breath of fresh air.

i never imagined this small town could seem even smaller, but getting back from london it does. the popular places I used to think was   overly crowded, now feels so empty.

with my mom and my nephew, the house hosts three generations, and my small family feels bigger than ever. seeing new life grow up, making me not the youngest in the family anymore, is more than i could ever ask for.

the innocent smile and laugh of a beautiful little boy, takes all the stress away in a second. a few weeks back home is what i needed now.

even though the concept home feels hazy at the moment. the home, that used to be my home, stopped being my home when i first moved, back in 2008. since then, i have had four new homes, in three different countries.
qatar feels like my home, because it is the place that made me realize who i am and what i am capable of. i will forever long back to the pools and palm trees.

norway feels like my home, because it has always been my home, and the home of my whole family. my small west-coast home town, where i grew up, will forever be the place i go back home.

but then again, london now feels more like my home than any other place. the city with my first ever own apartment, the city that so quickly captured my heart and soul. it will forever be the place i chose, for myself, to move to.

right now, it feels like my restless body will never settle down with one home.

i like the thought of having three homes, but most of all i like the idea of having one big home - the world itself. i hope i get the chance to travel more, explore more, and learn more about myself on the way.

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