Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Som en avslutning på London Fashion Week, var jeg og Georgina på et BloggersLove event i går. Temaet var "Gossip Girl" og vi hadde meldt oss på både middagen og gifting loungen som var etterpå, og gledet oss til en fin kveld ute. En del ting gikk dessverre ikke helt slik det skulle der, og twitter-feeden min er nå full av misfornøyde bloggere, som i mine øyne er utrolig bitchy, enkelt og greit. Det var flere ting jeg ikke var fornøyd med selv, det var for eksempel et veldig lite lokale med alt for mange folk, og "gourmet-middagen" vår ble endret til en take away pizza, men jeg synes fortsatt ikke det er greit å være frekk. Jeg har jobbet med/ for Bloggers Love før, og skrevet om organisasjonen flere ganger. Jeg kjenner godt eieren av det, Danielle, som gjør absolutt alt selv, og jeg synes synd på henne som nå leser så mye negative tilbakemeldinger. Jeg ville derfor prøve å skrive et litt mer positivt, men fortsatt helt ærlig, innlegg om kvelden ♥

As an ending to London Fashion Week, me and Georgina went to the BloggersLove event, where we had signed up for a "Gossip Girl"-themed dinner and gifting lounge. We were looking for a fun night out, but unfortunately a few things did not go exactly as planned there, and my twitter-feed is now showing so many negative bloggers, which I think is not cool at all. There were of course several things that I would have liked to be different about the evening as well, for example how the venue was too small for the massive amount of bloggers attending, and that the "gourmet dinner" was changed to a take away pizza last minute [there is a reasonable explanation for this - read further down], but I still don't like people being rude - especially when it is while hiding behind the screen of a computer. I have worked with and for Bloggers Love before, and I also know the founder of it, Danielle, who is the sweetest person ever and who does everything by herself, so I felt especially bad for her when I saw all of the comments on twitter and rude blogposts. Therefore I wanted to write a bit more of a positive, but still totally honest, post about the night, while clearing up some things

Georgina and I arrived at the venue around 5pm, after wandering up and down the street a few times, completely lost and unable to figure out google maps. When we went in, we were immediately met by a stunning venue, with white brick walls and a big open space. It seemed more than big enough at first, but then again we were not at all aware of how many people were actually coming for the gifting lounge at 6pm. The only thing I felt was missing when entering, was some relaxing background music to set the mood, and a place to leave our coats and bags. But, we didn't really mind much, and ended up just dumping our coats at a sofa there, before having a quick walk around the room, looking at the display of some of the brands showcasing there. 

The dinner was sadly a bit delayed, because of some mix up with the pizzas, but it didn't really feel like we waited for that long. The problem was rather that when we were done eating and went outside to the gifting lounge again it was completely packed with people, which made it almost impossible to move around and have a chat with the brands. But back to the dinner, which has been what a lot of people has complained about; I can't say that I was pleased with being served (cold) pizza from a take away box and water on the table, when I was promised a three-course meal and two drinks. To be honest? Yes, that was disappointing. It also made me feel really naive, when I actually still thought we were getting drinks. But, it turns out that was really not BloggersLove/ Danielle's fault, and that is why I feel so bad for her! The catering company she had originally ordered our food from "scammed" her in some way [read more on their twitter], so she had to quickly come up with a back up plan. That then became pizza, which of course I love and therefore didn't see too much of a problem with at first. The problem was though, that the money we payed for our meal [£28] had already been paid to the catering company, and they did not refund it. Danielle therefore had to use her own money (in addition to the £12 she had already spent for every original meal, since it was worth £40) to buy food to all of us. She did this no questions asked, no explanation given, because she is the kind of sweet person who don't need recognition. The only thing was though, that none of us knew that, and therefore we were a bit disappointed with the food we were given. Looking back now, I am really not anymore. 

When it comes to the gifting lounge, I heard that a lot of the bloggers felt that some of the companies there were "rude" and also did not care much about them, since they cared a lot more for the "celebrities" there. I don't think this should reflect badly on Bloggers Love themselves, as the brands who showcase there are independent from BloggersLove, and they do not really have much to do with each other. For next time, there could firstly maybe be some more brands (a lot of bloggers were expecting that) and they should also be aware of the situation of a gifting lounge - where bloggers except them to at least gift a few people. I am not saying that all of the brands were like that, I had lovely chats with so many of them, but there were a few who were almost ignoring and not really understanding of the situation. 

So, was it perfect? No, it was not, but it was still a good night, and a great effort made from BloggersLove. I think every company will have a bump in the road, and from here they can only build up stronger. Even though it was maybe not exactly what i expected, I did have a nice evening, and I also got to meet some great fellow bloggers. 


  1. The photos you got are lovely! It's a shame the catering didn't work out, the only real issue I can see is with the overcrowding :)

  2. Great photos!

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  3. Love your photos, what camera and lens do you use? Your review is great. I don't really mind people ranting in the heat of things, but I think 24 hours is enough time to cool down and start acting rational. xx

  4. Sounds like a nice event despite all the little problems :) Great pictures!

    Bella Pummarola

  5. Amazing images, looks really great :)

  6. awesome pics!

    new look!

  7. Such beautiful photos! It's a shame that things went wrong and I can't believe they got scammed! It's so lovely of Danielle to pay from her own pocket though. Hopefully it was still a good night despite all of this :)