When my parents first told me we were moving to Qatar in 2008, I resented them. I was the 12 year old girl who had a easy life in the comfort of my small hometown Haugesund, in Norway, and I did really not want to leave my friends. But, as it turned out, moving there was the start of my life.

I am now 19 years old, and after living in Qatar for two years and back in Norway for another four years, I have now again moved away from the comfort - even away from my family. I now live in my first apartment in London, England, together with my loving boyfriend for two years.

Even though I have always known deep inside that I wanted to be a writer/ journalist, I struggled to make a choice about my future, until a few months before I finally had to. After applying to several Universities in England, I ended up at Roehampton University, which might have been my best decision yet in my life.

Apart from being a journalism student, I am a part-time blogger, freelance model, amateur photographer and enthusiastic foodie. My blog is a mixture of everything I love in my life, and not really easy to define. When people ask, I call it a "lifestyle-blog", but actually it is so more than that. To me, it is where I share everything that I want to, and the content ranges from travel to fashion, food, photography, personal texts and everything else.

I hope you enjoy reading about (a small percentage of) my life, and do not hesitate to contact me/ ask me if there is anything; I love chatting with my readers! xxx

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